XF86 on a graphic TERMINAL?????

XF86 on a graphic TERMINAL?????

Post by Luke feels BL » Tue, 17 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I want to run X-window on a graphic terminal....

I have installed X-window on my PC (a 486 8Mb, cl5428....) and i want
to run it on a remote PC (a poor 386 with 512 Kb and no hard disk....
and with a MONO VGA)... can i do it?????

I need documentation about this connection.....
i would do a serial connection between the server and the terminal....

I have just tryed....but without editing the rc.files (only the inittab
and the 5th section to do the serial connection...) but when a call
X-window from the Terminal (logically) it runs on the server.....
and this isn't what i want!

Anticipated Thanx


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Hi all,

I have just installed Debian Linux 2.0 on my Gateway P6-266, which has a
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(XF86 V3.3.2) to start in anything other than 320x200 mode, even though
all the settings in the XFConfig file specify that a mode of 1024x768 is
required. When the server starts it complains about the graphics
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Does anyone know if there is a method of getting the X server to work
with this graphics card? Is the card compatible with any other card?

Thanks in anticipation


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