Epplets Not Working :( Enlightenment 0.16.4 - Alpha

Epplets Not Working :( Enlightenment 0.16.4 - Alpha

Post by Ech0 » Fri, 02 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Anybody out there running E 0.16.4 on DEC/Compaq Alpha's?

OK..  had trouble with getting E to run on the alpha (intel builds were
a piece of cake). Found and implimented the hack to the "econfig.h",
where you commend out "#define WITH_ZOOM 1"


/* #undef AUTOUPGRADE */


/* #define WITH_ZOOM 1

#define ENABLE_NLS 1

/* #undef HAVE_CATGETS */

after building again, E runs just fine and is solid with only one
exception (that I can find in 4 weeks of testing)..  for some reason, I
cannot get any of the Epplets to run, no errors when running from the
command line, process shows up under ps -aux as running, but nothing on
the display.. Really wierd...   I have them running fine on Intel


Again, E 0.16.4 is solid as a rock..

building from source code tar balls, staying away from .rpm's for stuff
like this
have all libs and updates as prescribed on the E home page

Kernel 2.2.13


Alpah XL 300, 128mb RAM, blah, blah, etc..

thanks for any imput..


Michael L. Adams
Gestalt Technology, LLC

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