XShipWars final beta released! (Version .95)

XShipWars final beta released! (Version .95)

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   The end of a major part of the development for XShipWars has
finally come.  Version .95 will be the final released for
the beta versions (and it's a good thing too, only 5 version numbers
left! ;) ).

Please evaluate this  version carefully and report any potential
problems/bugs.  99% of the procedures and standards have been  
finalized and universe builders may begin creating their worlds!

Besure to download the new graphic set (and sound sets if your
using Linux/YIFF).

   XShipWars a space themed true client/server network gamming
system ported to most UNIXes. Join the XSW list and chat with
other developers, admins, and players.  Any question pertaining
to XSW is on topic!


1. XShipWars Non-beta released! version 1.00

X S H I P W A R S   1 . 0 0

                          NON BETA RELEASE!

   XShipWars has finished it's preliminary developments and has
completed all it's targeted requirements.

You can download the non-beta at:


Future development will still continue, adding additional features
constructivly following.  The very next priority is to port to

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