answer my own question

answer my own question

Post by trobbin » Thu, 15 Aug 1996 04:00:00

> Hello All,
>   In the past I found the  web address of a Diamond
> site that had configuration info for all there cards.
> Seems I've lost it. It was great. Anyone know what
> it is??? Please email a response as well as post
> as I'm sure others would appreciate it as well.

>                 Thanks

sorry to waste the band width
try this address for some good info

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Some time ago, I asked how I could reduce the delay in bringing up eth0
when my laptop was not connected to a network. Well, the answer is
embarrassingly simple (at least for ppclinux 2000q4).

eth0 is brought up by ifup which tries to start pump; if that fails, it tries
dhcpd. pump has a configuration file in /etc/pump.conf. Here you can set both
the timeout for an operation on a device and the number of times to retry. I
simply set the timeout to be 15sec n /etc/pump.conf and commented out the
dhcpd line in ifup.


Richard Jones

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