Problems with xpaint

Problems with xpaint

Post by Eric Chan » Tue, 29 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hi.  I am trying to get xpaint working, and I am having a
very hard time.  First, I tried to build 2.1.1 from scratch.
The distribution was a bit flaky, and I had to change a few
things to get it to run.  Unfortunately, the xpm libs don't
build properly.  I identified the problem as being due to
all NULLCMD's being placed in the Makefile in that directory.
I don't really know how to hack Imakefile's (yeah, yeah, it's
high time to learn, I know).  So, I obtained the binary
version, and it was missing a few libraries.  I was able to
install these from the live portion of a Slackware 3.1 CDROM.
So, in this manner, xpaint does come up, but the file button
is unresponsive to clicks, so it is useless.  Is there anyone
who has seen this problem, and knows some sort of workaround?

I am using XFree86 3.1.2, Linux 1.2.13, libc 5.2.18, gcc
2.7.2.  Thanks.



1. problem compiling xpaint on SPARC

Okay, if this question is too obscure or difficult to pinpoint, don't
worry about it; I'll try a different program. Still it would be nice to
know what the heck is going on here:

I'm compiling xpaint-2.1.1 on a Sun SPARCstation. Things go fine if I use
"gcc" instead of "cc". The problem occurs whenI compile the files in
the /libtiff directory. Something's being redefined, causing my
massive errors:

---------- screen dump begins --------

making always in ./rw...
making always in ./xpm...
making always in ./libtiff...
gcc -o mkg3states -O -pipe   -I/local/X11R5/include   -DMISSING_STRERROR  
In file included from tiffcomp.h:70,
                 from mkg3states.c:71:
conflicting types for `fprintf'
previous declaration of `fprintf'
conflicting types for `fputs'
previous declaration of `fputs'

------ end screen dump ------

etc., etc. for "fscanf", "fsetpos", "fwrite", "perror", "printf"
Has anyone seen the like before?

Thanks tons,

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