Dell D1025HE 17" Ultrascan Monitor and ATI Xpert 98D 8-MB Graphics Card

Dell D1025HE 17" Ultrascan Monitor and ATI Xpert 98D 8-MB Graphics Card

Post by Paul Birc » Wed, 17 Nov 1999 04:00:00


I have recently installed red-hat 6.0 on my system but wanted to see if
anybody has a XF86Config setup for my monitor and video adapter.  The
monitor is a Ultrascan Dell D1025HE 17-inch and the video adapter is an ATI
Xpert 98D 8-MB card.

I am trying to develop a set of modes myself but having difficult getting
the display to look write.  Since this type of config is relatively new for
me I wondered if somebody has already succeeded with this.

Thanks in advance,

Paul Birch


1. Modelines on DELL 17" Ultrascan Monitor

Hi all,
Just upgraded my Monitor to a DELL 17" Ultrascan.

I am looking for Modeline settins for this particular monitor.

Info that came with Monitor:

Resolution      Horizontal      Vertical
----------      ----------      --------
640x480         31.469 kHz      70.087 Hz
800x600         48.077 kHz      72.188 Hz
1024x768        58.100 kHz      72.084 Hz
1024x768        56.476 kHz      70.069 Hz

Onboard Video is TSENG ET4000/W32i_rev_b

Currently using:

Section "Monitor"
        Identifier  "Generic Monitor"
        VendorName  "Dell"
        ModelName   "UltraScan"
        HorizSync   30-62
        VertRefresh 50-90
        ModeLine    "1024x768i" 45 1024 1040 1216 1264 768 768 778 819 Interlace
        ModeLine    "800x600" 40 800 840 968 1056 600 601 605 628
        ModeLine    "640x480" 31 640 664 704 832 480 489 492 520

This works, but it's fuzzy and not quite right.

Rick L. Mantooth
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