"glibc" vs "libc5"?

1. "glibc" vs "libc5"?

Dear Linux users,
I'm trying to install the 3.3.5 upgrade of XFree86, since it's supposed
to support my ATI Rage LT Pro video card (earlier versions didn't
support this card).  In the download area at ftp.xfree86.org, one sees
TWO directories of binaries:  one's called Linux-ix86-glibc; the other
has "libc5" as the last 5 characters.  How does one decide which to
use?   What is the nature of the difference between the two?
    When I run the "preinst.sh" script in my Red Hat 6.0, it tells me
that I "seem to have a glibc system" -- can I safely rely on this?
(I've actually tried the installation procedure described in RELNOTES
with the binaries from BOTH directories -- with no success at all, so
    Thanks for any info about this -- RichM

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