Mandrake's version of enlightenment, why?

Mandrake's version of enlightenment, why?

Post by bznut » Tue, 24 Jun 2003 10:27:18

OK, so anyone who has run Enlightenment as it comes from the
sourceforge project as well as the Enlightenment that comes with
Mandrake knows that there are differences.  Big ones.
Show-stoppers, if you will.  I've noticed this is common amoung different
distros.  Redhat likes to customize and all but destroy many common
applications/environments to suit it's purpose.  

So since I've been running E and Mandrake, I've been compiling it from
it's source.  I hate doing it only because apps the size of E tend to
be a * to compile on F'd up distros like Mandrake.

My question is, do any of you know how to un-mandrake the
enlightenment-*.mdk.rpm package?  I'd rather do that than recompile
enlightenment all the damn time.
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1. Why doesn't this work (sh) and what's the (t)csh version?

Ok, here's the scoop: I'm running screen and need to see at each login
if it's already running. I tried this:

scr = ps | grep -c screen
if ( $scr >= 2 ) then
   #screen is running (1 for screen, 1 for grep screen)
   #so ignore the rest

What's the problem? I'm lost. BTW, I'm just a *little* unfamillar with
shell programming, but this is the only way (it goes in either .cshrc
or .login). Also, what do I need to do to get this sort of thing to work
under tcsh?

Furthermore, if screen is not running, I want to resume a detached
screen if one exists. If not, I want to start screen. If screen is running
do nothing. Here's a synopsis:

IF NOT screen_running DO:
   Attempt to resume screen
   if resume fails
      start screen


if screen not running,
   if detached screen exists ;(check ~.screen/ ?)
      start it
      start screen

Any ideas would be *GREATLY* appreciated.

                                   Many thanks,
                                   Don Faulkner

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