PS/2 busy when reenter X

PS/2 busy when reenter X

Post by LEE YAN-NI » Wed, 21 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I use PS/2 mouse because I have only one com port. My X-window can
run quite stable when I use MSmouse in com1 port. After I reconfigure
my XF86Config as follows:

    Protocols    "PS/2"
    Device       "/dev/psaux"  ( or "/dev/mouse" symbolic linked )

And I startx, everything is fine, also I can use com1 to connect to
my modem. But, after I quit from X and reenter X, it fail to startx
with the message "Device busy can't open mouse". I didn't run gpm
when start. Is there anybody can help me to solve my problem? I will
be appreciated for your help.  

e-mail to me please!


1. ps/2 mouse busy & kernel

Hello! ( to the wonderful person taking the time to read this message)

        I have a Gateway P5-90 with a ps/2 style mouse.  When I boot the
kernel tells me it has found a ps/2 style mouse and loads the driver.  
However, whenever I try to access the device "/dev/ps2aux" I get a
message that tell me the device is busy.  Can anyone help?

        This next question may just seem plain silly (and it is) but I
can't figure it out.  I'm running Slackware 2.0 the Spring CD.  When I
recompile the kernel where do I put it?  I thought it was /vmlinuz but I
guess I was wrong.  Where the hell is the kernel located that gets booted.
        I renamed the old kernel in / to vmlinuz.old and called the new
one vmlinuz but it booted with the old one again.  I'm new to Slackware
because when I was using SLS the kernel was zImage in the root.  Help!!!

        Last... when I start X it tells me it can't set the fontpath...
however I know the fontpath is there.   I'm using X 2.1.  Any clues...?

Thanks for all the help in advance!



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