Can't switch resolutions with <ctrl><alt><numkey +/-> in XF86

Can't switch resolutions with <ctrl><alt><numkey +/-> in XF86

Post by Par Kurlbe » Sat, 30 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I'm running XFree86, 3.1.2 (S3-server), and according to the
XF86Config file there is a way of cycling through video modes using
<ctrl><alt><numkey +/->.  Using xev to dump x-events reveals that no
event is generated by pressing <numbey +/-> when <ctrl> and <alt> are
pressed, so I suspect that the server "swallows" them. I've spent some
time looking for a solution, to no success, could someone give me a
pointer, please?

BTW, while I'm at it, where could I find xvidtune and a 1280x1024
monitor mode entry entry for a MAG DX15F? (More generally, where could
I find the "most complete" list of monitor modes?)

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