How to display an AIX CDE session on a Suse 6.4 box

How to display an AIX CDE session on a Suse 6.4 box

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I have to manage several boxes AIX, SOLARIS, DIGITAL UNIX, SCO on my
network, I wish to do that with CDE, the graphical administration is
easier for me.

How can I use linux SUSE 6.4 to be able to login to a remote CDE box ?

I read the xdm man page and tried everything, I think I'm missing
something very important.

I tried to do the same from windows with XwinPro ant it works just
fine, but I need it from linux.

Thank you.

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1. Session X (Exceed) et Suse 6.4 - Pb startx

Hi all,

I installed Exceed on a PC to open a Xsession.

The problem is that when I type the command 'startx', my Xsession is
executed on my server Linux and not in Exceed...

Is it a parameter, a command or anything else ?

Thank you for your help.


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