define key bindings in fvwm2

define key bindings in fvwm2

Post by w3kru.. » Fri, 18 Feb 2000 04:00:00


how kann I define shortcuts in fvwm2. I would like to have the task
switcher Alt - Tab in fvwm2, too.
I only know Alt - F2 to change the window. Takes to much time.


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1. Fvwm2 key binding question


Here is what I want to do:  to make a key binding such that I can raise
the (already opened) FvwmPager window to the front of any other windows
that might be blocking it from view.  E.g., ctrl+F12 will raise the pager.

Can this be done? I have searched around in the help files for Fvwm2, but
nothing there strikes me as helpful in any obvious way.

Thanks in advance,

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