Xserver works great, but messes up the Text mode when I quit it!

Xserver works great, but messes up the Text mode when I quit it!

Post by Jay W. Summ » Wed, 28 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I'm using a #9 Revolution IV AGP 4MB card, and the I128 server works
just great with it. However, whenever I shutdown the X server, my
standard linux text is all messed up, almost unusable.  
Apparently, the Xserver isn't resetting the card correctly into text
mode. (and "clear" doesn't help...)

Is there a utility to reset the video card (so I don't have to reboot
the computer?) or some setting I need to change?
Jay Summet


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I'm trying to get X up and running on a laptop.  It's a new
install of 1.4 i386 on a Micron Transport XPE.  I have a
XF86Config which lets X come up and work but once X starts my
other virtual consoles (wscons) go blank except for the cursor.
They are still there because I can type and the cursor moves and
if I run commands (typically 'reboot' :-) they run.  This
problem persists after I quit X.

I'm getting tired of rebooting every time I bring up X.  Is there
some kind of program to reset the text mode video controls?
(Or even better a SVGA server that's newer than and like
the cl-gd7555 video chip better?)

- Matthew

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