need modelines for mitsubishi diamond pro 14" svga

need modelines for mitsubishi diamond pro 14" svga

Post by Bruce Cohen %F » Thu, 06 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I have a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 14" svga monitor.
Does anyone have the modelines for the XF86Config file?



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1. Xconfig for Diamond Speedstar Pro & AOC 14" NI SVGA

Ok, I just forced myself to update my Linux system to the newest from
Slackware (from my early 94 compile) a because I needed support for my
new Speedstar Pro. Fine, I love the new release, however, I am lazy and
don't really feal like thinking right now so if anyone out there has an
Xconfig for the Diamond Speedstar Pro and an AOC 14" NI SVGA (cmm336)
display that works and would be willing to send it to me I'd be indebted
for life (not). But I'd realy appreciate it.


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