redhat 5.0 help

redhat 5.0 help

Post by kev.. » Fri, 07 Aug 1998 04:00:00

im trying to install a version of redhat 5.0 on a pentium 166mmx...qdi
board (tx chip set )....3.5 gig udma fujitzu harddrive

I get half way through the install from cd when i start getting rpm
errors unable to load isdn.o fail and about ten other files and then
it tells me to reboot and dosent finish the install

any suggestions....i should say that i have 95 on my system as well
and partioned the drive with partition magic ....but left the partion
for linux as free space

thanx in advance


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the MBR.  Where I'm getting stuck is at the login. During the
installation i gave it a password.  At the prompt where I read
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