LBX or aother comressed X

LBX or aother comressed X

Post by Brendan Smit » Wed, 23 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I have been looking at finding a way to run X over a 28.8 PPP line and I
have been looking at a way to use some type of compressed X.  I have
found 2 possibilities.  One is using LBX but I don't think that I have
the space to compile XFree+lbx.  Are the binaries on sunsite or in
slackware or any where have this option compiled in.  I am currently
using 3.1 from Slackware 2.1 but I will use any binary I can find.

the other option doesn't really belong here but if any one know where I
can find sxpc that has been ported to sunOS 5.4 I would be greatly

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Bruno Miguel Sousa

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