Setting up XFree86 on a NEC Versa M/100TC (C&T 65545)

Setting up XFree86 on a NEC Versa M/100TC (C&T 65545)

Post by Leo L. Schw » Sat, 02 Aug 1997 04:00:00

        I've poked and prodded and diddled and dinked, and I can't get the
$(EXPLETIVE) thing working.

        I have a NEC Versa M/100TC, with a 640x480 true-color LCD panel.
The underlying chip is the Chips & Technologies 65545 with 1M of VRAM.
XF86Setup launches the 16-color generic VGA server just great, but I can't
seem to get a meaningful hi-res 8-bit or higher display out of the SVGA

        When XF86Setup launches the SVGA server, I get a very muddy display.
It appears almost as if I'm seeing the pixel transitions, not the pixels
themselves (white vertical lines where there are sharp contrast changes).
Extensive dinking with 'xvidtune' causes no visible changes.

        Now the truly puzzling part is, when I switch the server into
low-res mode (320x240), either using 'xvidtune' or CTRL-ALT-+, the display
is perfect; everything looks great.  But 320x240 isn't what I need most of
the time...

        I've tried setting various pixel clock values (the one value that
'xvidtune' doesn't appear to let you fiddle with dynamically), all to no
avail.  MSWindows, of course, works fine in all resolutions and pixel
depths.  (Isn't there some tool I could run under Windows that would sniff
the chip registers and print out the values I need?)  I've glossed over
bunches of FAQs and HOWTOs, and I'm not much wiser.

        Can anyone offer any hints?  My sincerest thanks for any and all


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My boss has asked that I install Linux onto his portable, but unfortunately he
has lost the owner's manual.  Does anyone have the above machine with that
chipset?  I sure could use info on the LCD - bandwidth & refresh rates to use
etc, as well as what dot-clocks I should be expecting to see the XF86_SVGA

I've tried many time to contact NEC, with no luck.  Their "FastFacts"
catalogues don't list anything that looks like it will help, but I did just
download some "hardware utilities" from NEC - I'm writing this as I wait for
the machine to boot.

Anyway, thanks in advance!

Happy Linuxing,

Terry Guder

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