HELP NEWBIE: Mouse Cursor leaves a trace

HELP NEWBIE: Mouse Cursor leaves a trace

Post by Mehrdad Ghassempoor » Fri, 07 Dec 2001 19:34:17

I have just installed Mandrake 8.0 on my PC. I have a serial mouse
connected to COM1. The X11 will install without any problems. However
the mouse cursor in X leaves a trace behind. This will disappear when the
screen is refreshed. The problem is most pronounced when I drag something.
Any hints on how to fix this will be most welcome

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Is it normal that the mouse cursor jumps around in Gnome when my
computer (G3/233 128 MB Ram, LinuxPPC 1999) is doing more at the same
time like starting the file manager or is there a way to avoid it?

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