Swap Part

Swap Part

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how could I setup a swap partition?? (fstab??,....)



1. RH 5.2 hangs when formatting swap part.

I am trying to install Red Hat Linux 5.2 and setup locks up my PC when
it is initializing the swap partition.  The keyboard is locked and the
HD light stays on.  I can only shut-off the PC or hit the reset
button.  I have:

300 MHz Pent. II
Shuttle HOT-641 mainboard w/440BX chip set
Matrox Mystique w/4 MB RAM
Sound Blaster 32 PNP
3 GB Western Digital EIDE HD on Primary chan.
Mitsumi IDE CD-ROM as master on Sec. chan.
HP/Colorado 5 GB IDE tape drive as slave on sec. chan.
SMC PCI ethernet card (DEC 21041 chip set)
USR Sportster 56k modem on Com 2
Logitech WingMan Warrior digital joystick on Com1
Logitech PS2 mouse

This hard drive used to dual-boot OS/2 Warp 4 and NT 4 wkstn, but I
removed all of those partitions.   I started setup and created the
partitions in Disk Druid, but when I have it initialize the swap
partition, the PC locks up.  I have tried this three times, but I get
the same lockup each time.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate them!

John M. Clark

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