editres2: Loading resources (i.e. new language) at runtime!

editres2: Loading resources (i.e. new language) at runtime!

Post by Gerin » Sat, 12 Jul 1997 04:00:00

A new version of editres2 is ready. It's possible to load a complete
resource file into a client at runtime! The client must understand the
editres protocol of course. This could be useful to change the language
of a X11 program without restarting it.

Editres2 can be found at

There is also a patch for the libXmu to enable the "GetValues" of
resource values from the client (the original libXmu is incomplete
at this point):

I'm working on a program called "batchres" containing this functionality
(reloading resource files at runtime) and on a Motif/LessTif version
of editres2 (meditres2).

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