Imagine 128 Series II 8MB and XFree86?

Imagine 128 Series II 8MB and XFree86?

Post by Mace Monet » Sun, 27 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I'm unable to get XFree86 to work with my Imagine 128 Series II video
card (8MB) and Hitachi CM801U monitor.  Best I can do is VGA (kinda
disappointing on a 21 inch monitor).  Superporobe reports generic VGA
(or unknown chipset), even though the Imagine is supposed to be
supported???  Any ideas?  

Email preferred, thanks,


1. Imagine 128 Series II 8MB VRAM

It was an awful day, Ernst was tired, 10.01.99 seemed to be the day the
world terminated....

Sorry folks,

has anybody an idea, how I can get this card running?

I tried the Imagine from the list, the Series 2, but nothing seems to
work. Maybe I have to turn off the virtual screen, but it seems the I128
server doesn't recognize the VRAM's.

Mhmmm, unfortunately I can't reach the Number Nine Server, actually I
only have UUCP access to the net. Can anybody send me an updated driver
or give me a hint, how to handhack the XF86Config.file?

Thanks a lot for any idea,

"Volatile sessions on my computer?"

Ernst Schmidtmann

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