probs. w. X11R6 an Genoa Phantom 64 VL

probs. w. X11R6 an Genoa Phantom 64 VL

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I have some probs. with running X11R6 accel. S3 Server with a Genoa Phantom Vl Card
- No 1024 x 786 (no clock dot ?)
- by quitting X Server no picture on screen any more
  (I tried restorefont -w ... and restorefont -r ... )

800x600 and so on is running

linux kernel 1.12 DLD Distribution 2.0

S3 Vision 864 Rev 0.1
RAMDAC max 135 dot.
Generic 8 -bit pseudo-color DAC (with 6 bit wide lookuptabels)

Any help or question please use mail


1. Help with Genoa Phantom 64 needed


I have not been able to get a working XF86Config for a Genoa
Phantom 64 board (S3 Vision 864, 2MB DRAM, VLB) with XFree 3.1.
The XServer autodetects a SDAC 86C716 RAMDAC and lists 16
clock frequencies all in the range between 25 and 36MHz, which
I think is far too low. Any attempt to use higher resolutions
than 640x480 puts my monitor into Power Save Mode (Sony 17se1T),
which probably means that the video board has given up.

I have recently seen a "Devices" entry (in XFree 3.1.2) for this
board which lists "ramdac s3_sdac, clockchip s3_sdac", but this
shows the same result.

SuperProbe, on the other hand, identifies a AT+T 20C492 RAMDAC
("15/16/18-bit DAC with gamma correction with 6 bit wide lookup
tables or in 6-bit mode"). The server, however, does not know
this RAMDAC type.

Has anybody got a working configuration for this board (perhaps
with XFree 3.1.1 or 3.1.2)?

D.Ruppert    RTS GmbH  Schwieberdingen

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