Send X events(keystrokes) to a App (xterm)

Send X events(keystrokes) to a App (xterm)

Post by vardha » Sat, 12 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Is there any utility thru which i can send 'keystrokes' to
any xterm window. I can get the Id using xlsclients.

so i can just say
  xsendkeys -i 0x123456 "cd Foo/Bar/\n"

Somebody must have written this nice little program ..
pointers ???


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Newbie's question:

Beneath the top-level window, I have an event box an in that event box I
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I've managed a response to mouse button events, though not yet with

I've checked the GTK site tutorial, the faq, the website api references
(as best I could), and have checked GTK+/Gnome App. Programming.
Several points (including the faq) seem to talk around it, suggesting at
best using the event box, setting the appropriate GDK event mask, etc.,
but no direct response.  I found the same question in a dejanews search,
but did not find the response.



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