Problems using Cirrus Logic 5434 in >8 bitplanes under XFree86 3.1

Problems using Cirrus Logic 5434 in >8 bitplanes under XFree86 3.1

Post by Scott Wel » Tue, 30 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I have a video card which uses the Cirrus Logic 5434 chip set.  I use the
XF86_SVGA X server, and in 8 bitplanes, it works incredibly well.  However,
when I try to push it to 16 or 24 bitplanes, things get a little weird.
The server will load fine, and as long I don't do anything which might
change the frame buffer, everything looks great.  As soon as I, say, press
a mouse button on the roon window to reveal a popup menu for my window
manager, the video begins to shake laterally.  Has anyone else had this
problem?  Has anyone else solved this problem?  If so, could I take a look
at your XF86Config file?

Please response via e-mail as well, as I don't check news very often.

Scott Wells


1. Cirrus Logic CLGD 5434 problem

The system:  

Debian 2.0 w/ linux kernel 2.2.13
XFree86 3.3.2 (from deb2.0)
Cirrus Logic CLGD-5434 w/ 1MB    
Monster3D Voodoo II w/ 12MB (probably not relevant but it can't hurt to  
                           include it :)  

      Basically I recently added a new 17" taxan 730tco monitor to relace      
the seriously pants 14" VGA one and decided to fiddle with X to take    
advantage of the new screeen.    

      I ran XF86Setup and set the various bits and bobs ok without problems,    
the default server closed down (VGA16 isn't it?) and then the SVGA
accelerated server came up correctly(*). I used xvidtune to get a nice  
picture and then clicked on the save 'n' exit button. The display

      With the kernel locked (I even set up a shell doing "while [ true ] ;    
do sleep 1 ; sync ; done" to reduce fs corruption and that stops too) I  
can't do any debugging (not that I'd really have a clue where to start but      
at least I could send info to the X ppl)  

      Has the clgd5434 stuff been updated since 3.3.2? I had a look on the      
website and it seems not but I was hoping somebody who knows in detail might    
be able to tell me. I'm planning to download some 3.3.5 or whatever type
stuff to see if it'll help anyway.

      I've played and played and played and not found how to workaround this    
without going back to the old vidmode settings and hacking in 640x480 is not    
fun :(    

If anyone can tell me what to do I'll be very grateful!  

(*) it seemed to have a fairly good go at supporting 1100x800 or something,    
but it was mushed. not surprising considering the card's only supposed to do    
1024x768! ;)

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