X setup Questions - Diamond

X setup Questions - Diamond

Post by km.. » Thu, 29 Jun 1995 04:00:00

 I've been running Linux for a couple of years now, but I just got the lastest
CDROM from Walnut Creek (Slackware) and the major upgrade was going from
X11R5 to X11R6.  The XF86Config.eg works, but I can't quite figure out how
to switch Video modes, and instead of frying my monitor, I figured I would
actually ask >B^)

I have a 486 DX2/66 (No, I haven't upgraded to a Pentium yet) and a Diamond
Speedstar Pro (VLB).  The monitor is multisync and handles up to 800x600 non-
interlaced, or 1024x768i.  I would like a brief explanation of the timings in
the XF86Config file (or the location of a FAQ with the info) the old Xconfig
was much more straight forward, and there was a chart in my monitor specs
which directly corrisponded to the information needed for the Xconfig.  However
I can't find anything that even comes close to the requested informatin for the
XF86Config.  BTW, what is the DOT Clock speed?  I can't find information about
that either.

  As a side note, I can't get DOSEMU to work in a non-X windows terminal, is
there a magic flag to tell it to use the console instead of an X-Window?

   Thank you in advance,

             Gandalf (K. Moore)


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Sorry about the large cross-posting, but I didn't want to miss getting my
questions out to any helpful souls out there.  My boss tossed out a copy of
linux to me and asked me to make a secondary mail spooler for our
NT/Exchange 5.5 environment (for free, of course - I can't spend no $$$$).
Something that will accept SMTP mail (IF our primary SMTP mail server is
down) , and just spool it to our bridgehead server.  And if it cannot send
it over, it will keep retrying until it can send the queue on over.


1) What product running under Redhat Linux would be good for this?
2) Do you know of any how-to docs available for the product that you
3) Do you know of any how-to docs that discuss this specific situation?
4) do you have any other suggestions?

Thanx for all your help.  If you could take the time to email me, it would
be awsome!  If you live in the LA, CA area, and can help, I will buy you
some beers!


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