nedit menu accelerators

nedit menu accelerators

Post by Tony Pede » Thu, 24 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I am using the statically linked version of nedit 5.0.2 on XFree86 and RH 5.1. The menu acclerator keys fail to work on both the
rpm that I found and the tarball from  Instead of doing
their assigned function they put some control character like <bel>
(Shift+Ctrl+g, in this case) into the document.  The clipboard keys do
work and I noticed that those keys are defined differently in the
app-defaults file than the other accelerators.   I have seen a similar
problem on xmgr, a motif statically-linked  plotting application but not
in Netscape.
Is it necessary to define all the accelerators like the clipboard's
(Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C,Ctrl+V) or has anyone found a better solution?

BTW, I do not have this problem running nedit from an HP-UX box with
linux as the X server.
but there the numeric keypad doesn't work, but that's a whole different

Tony Peden

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