Hitatchi monitor info

Hitatchi monitor info

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I've just been given a 19" Sun monitor, and need some info on it-
frequencies etc. It's a Hitatci HM-4119 (I gather these were pretty
common at one point).

For the benefit of those reading this in the Linux X group, I want
to run this monitor under X - has anyone got a modeline already
defined for it?

Yes, I know there's an excellent set of web pages dealing with this
sort of stuff, but I'm stuck on the 'net at 2400 baud at the moment
so can't access them.

Replies via email *please* (due to the slowness of the connection
mentioned above!)



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1. Hitatchi CD-ROM Tower?

I have a 4 drive Hitatchi CD-ROM Tower that uses some proprietary 37
connector, which I have been told by Hitatchi is not SCSI.  It was
running on a PC, (so I have DOS drivers) and we would like to be able to
have it on our NT network.  There have been NO drivers written for NT and
apparently never will be.  Since there seems to be no possiblity of
mounting it on an NT box, and we are running Samba, I thought we might be
able to get it up that way.  Does anyone know anything about this system,
or have any idea how I might go about this?

Thanks in advance,


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