Disabling virtual screen resolutions in XF863

Disabling virtual screen resolutions in XF863

Post by David L. Bilb » Tue, 19 May 1998 04:00:00

Just take the virtual line out completely.  That's what worked for me.



1. Disabling virtual screen resolutions in XF863.3.2.1

I'm currently running a Matrox Millenium at 16bit 1600x1200,1280x1024
and several lower res. settings. Problem is I want to disable virtual
(I normally run in 1280x1024 but occaisionally use 1600x1200 and I don't
want a 1600x1200 virtual in my normal res.,or the lower resolutions
ideally either).
The docs show a Virtual entry which can go in the XF86Config but suggest
that setting this to 1280x1024 would stop any use of 1600x1200 (It
does,I've tried it).
Is there anywhere else that this can be turned off ie virtual res =
screen res? (apart from multiple XF86Config files)

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