Enlightenment Epplets - times 2!

Enlightenment Epplets - times 2!

Post by Rasputi » Thu, 09 Mar 2000 04:00:00

> All of a sudden, whenever I launch X I get two copies of all
> of my epplets running - one set in the place I want them,
> and another across the left hand top corner of the screen.

> I've tried closing the ones I don't want, and saving the
> session settings, but they still reappear every time I start
> X. Can anyone suggest how I get rid of them permanently?
> There doesn't seem to be anything in the Enlightenment Dox
> help system.

> Thanks.

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> Fareham, Hampshire

Happens once in a while on my config too - e0.16.3 - although generally
removing then does seem to stop them coming back.

if you go into ~/.enlightenment , there are files in there that control
what epplets are started - I'd pick through them.

[ rm -rf ~/.enlightenment does the trick too, but that's a tad

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1. Enlightenment Epplets - times 2!


    Yeh, it's a bummer, huh?  I went through the same thing a few
times.  I'm
really surprised that only a handful of people complain about it.  I
noticed that
shutting down E properly (CTRL-ALT-DELETE, then RETURN) or selecting
"Log Out", RETURN from the menu helps somewhat, anytime you start a NEW

The best solution I found to the problem when it exists, is to move the
directory, and start over.  I was up to /usr/enlightment/bin4 at one
point!  I assume
you know about the "remember..." menu item?  Sometimes it can be used to
off the "auto start" of an epplet, but not always.

The directory rename always works, but is ugly....

John Miskinis

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