dvips doesn't look good

dvips doesn't look good

Post by Ari Yochanan Shapi » Sun, 28 May 1995 04:00:00

When I use dvips and use the -o option, which converts the .dvi file
into a postscript file, the characters look very jagged.  I am using the
regular computer modern fonts.  The only way I can get the characters
to look reasonable is to magnify the picture 4 times , and then shrink
it down again.  Is there any way to make the fonts come out smooth?

Ari Shapiro


1. Why doesn't X-Windows look as good as MS Windows?

I've installed Linux many times on several machines
and my experience in every case is that
X Windows produces a decidedly grainy and off-color
look to things compared with what I see under
Windows.  At this moment I'm looking at two
machines, each showing the same web page under
Netscape.  Both machines use ATI boards, both use
Viewsonic monitors.  No contest.  I used Red Hat 5.2
to install the Linux this time, so what I have are
Red Hat settings.  (They're no different in quality
than what I used to get under 5.0 when I did my own

Is my experience atypical?  I'd love to hear that by
making some simple adjustment I might be able to get
Linux (which I prefer over NT for a number of
reasons) to look as good as its
less stable rival.

Norman Miller

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