xlock and XFree86 3.2

xlock and XFree86 3.2

Post by Mats Petersso » Sat, 01 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I recently upgraded to version 3.2 of XFree86. This resulted in
the screen saver/lock program 'xlockmore' refusing to work anymore.
What's more, it dumps a core of about 4 Mb everytime I try to run it.
I have version 3.12 of xlockmore here, which I suppose it is a fairly
'fresh' version.
If somone has experienced similar problems with xlock/XFree86 3.2, please
give me a note.

Mats Petersson

|  Mats Petersson   Norrkoping, Sweden        |



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) and I found that the version 3.2A had support for it, in the SVGA
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        I would appreciate if some one could help me.
        Thanks in advance


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