Wanted: X cfg for unknown chipset

Wanted: X cfg for unknown chipset

Post by Jay Lew » Sun, 05 Feb 1995 04:57:31


    I have a Toshiba T1910cs dual scan laptop that I'm trying to configure X
on. I'm stumped because even though I can get zgv to display 320x200x256 (and
variations of that mode), I can't find an X supported chipset for the same

    I know I can't use the vga16 server, because I want 256 colors. I'm trying
to configure the svga server. When I use a generic chipset, it defaults to an
internal 320x200 mode and all of my windows turn out HUGE! Someone said
somewhere that in order to use a different 320x200 mode than the default, you
have to specify a chipset name in the config file.

    (Easier said than done, seeing how there are almost 40 or so supported
chipsets ;) )

    SuperProbe might as well be printing my name for all the help it gives
(generic VGA or unknown SVGA). Good old Toshiba doesn't give out any spec on
the monitor OR video chip. Can anybody help me out?

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I bought a Genoa Phantom PCI/VLB Graphic Card with
the Trio64 Chipset Onboard. After installing Linux
I have problems with the XServer. After starting X11
the following message appears: Unknown S3 Chipset ...
and after this the message no screens found!
So I tried the SuperProbe Program to determin my Card
and the following results where obtained:
Unknown S3 Chipset
RAMDAC: 8-bit with 6-Bit ....
So I assume that my Chipset is not supported by the Xserver.
Is there a driver for the GENOA PCI/VLB Phantom Card???
Or does anyone know another solution for my problem???

Thanx a lot!


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