ATI 3D rage II , Xpression card supported in slackware96 ?

ATI 3D rage II , Xpression card supported in slackware96 ?

Post by Wesley Shi » Mon, 21 Oct 1996 04:00:00


    I connect my ATAPI cdrom into onboard primary IDE secondary channel.
 After I use the bare.i to install my slackware96, I need to insert
 cd in my cdrom for booting up succesfully.

   The linux system can not detect hdb, if I do not put a cdrom there,
 and give me the message, midea change ..

   If I put my cdrom there, I need to umount cdrom to replace another
  cdrom. Any way can aovid the inconvinent ?  

   Also I bought a ATI 3D mach64 video card for it, any hint that
  I can run it with XFree86 successfully ? I do not know the
  chipset and ramdac ?

   Thank you

   Wesley Shih


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does anyone know a working Xserver (e.g Accelerated X) for ATI 3D
Xpression with the Chipset 3D Rage II ?

I tried Xfree 3.2, but no success. In the release notes i saw
that this chip is still not supported by XF86_Mach64.

If anyone has suggestions please let me know.  Thanks!!

Herbert Reichardt

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