HELP: Accelx (LX 5.0.2) problem with NeoMagic 256AV

HELP: Accelx (LX 5.0.2) problem with NeoMagic 256AV

Post by Kenneth Ya » Wed, 07 Jun 2000 04:00:00


I got a IBM TP570 using the NeoMagic 256AV chipset with 2.5MB RAM. I
installed LX5 on RH 6.1 with the following problems

1. GNOME is gone, i seem to get directly to enlightment, there is no way i
can get out of this WM, except Alt+Ctrl+Backspace

2. Here comes the most serious problem when i quit X with
Alt+Ctrl+Backspace keys, my screen becomes verticle black&purple strips.
However the OS seems alright "at the back", i can use Alt+Ctrl+Del to
reboot linux and I found i can "type" reboot to reset my linux.

I've tried NM2160, NM2130 & even the 5003.001 patch Sony PCG-F190 for the
256AV chip, all have the same problem.

Pls help.