looking for some beta testers for Trio64 / Trio32 X11 server

looking for some beta testers for Trio64 / Trio32 X11 server

Post by Harald Koen » Wed, 18 Jan 1995 01:50:22

I'm looking for some beta testers for a new XFree86 XF86_S3 server for
Trio32 and Trio64 cards which should match the following requirements:

        - Trio32 or Trio64 card (Trio64 with 1MB or 4MB DRAM if possible)
        - good network and ftp access to get beta test binaries
        - enough time to test and reply results in 24h
        - running Linux (libc-4.5.26 required; don't know if there is
          enough time to build binaries for other OS for testing)
        - be familar with XFree86 3.1 and it's configuration etc.
        - if possible a highres monitor to test modes up to 135 MHz

If you're interested to help, please send me a short note with the following

        full name       :
        email addr      :
        os/kernel vers. :
        libc version    :
        3.1 installed   :

        card:   vendor  :
                model   :
                S3 chip :
                # DRAM  :

        monitor: vendor :
                  model :
              bandwidth :
            hsync limit :

Please don't reply any more after Jan 17 (unless you have a Trio32, which seem
to be very rare).

All SCSI disks will from now on                     ___       _____
be required to send an email notice                0--,|    /OOOOOOO\
24 hours prior to complete hardware failure!      <_/  /  /OOOOOOOOOOO\
                                                    \  \/OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO\
                                                      \ OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO|//
Harald Koenig,                                         \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
Inst.f.Theoret.Astrophysik                              //  /     \\  \


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