Poor screen quality

Poor screen quality

Post by ne.. » Sun, 29 Apr 2001 09:19:38

Quote:>This is really bugging me and I don't know what to do...

>I'm running Suse7.1/KDE2 on a Pentium III w/ 256MB RAM and an ATI Rage card
>with 32MB VRAM and XFree4.x My monitor is a Iiyama Vision Master 450 (19").

>My image quality is crappy - window borders often are real wiggly or
>crooked. They change depending on where on the screen I place them - so if
>I move a window to a certain place it looks fine. If I move it somewhere
>else it's left or right border goes all crooked or wavy again. The 'good'
>places are not the same all the time.
>I had the problem before I upgraded to Suse7.1 but the move to XFree 4
>seems to have made it worse.

>Does anyone have any ideas?

Seems you X might not be configured right. Make sure the
HorizSync and VertRefresh values are correct. Could be
that the Modeline used is not really driving the monitor.

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1. Poor screen quality

I doubt that the upgrade to Xfree4 has made any real difference. If
anything your resolution and/or refresh rate may have changed with the
new config file and now this is the first time you have seen the
monitor in that particular mode and the problems areas have changed
slightly. It is EXTREMELY unlikely that the prob is anything to do with
your software or computer from what you describe. It is the monitor at
All monitors have mytiad rings and little magnets as well as the coils
and electronic feedback to produce a nice square picture and cancel
extraneous, and the earths magnetic field. If these adjustments go out,
so does your picture.
   You get effects like the middle of the screen is a mm or 2 bigger or
smaller than the top and bottom and this gives a slight curve ti your
windows sides giving an overall 'pincushion' effect or sometimes the
top or bottom is wider or narrower than the other, or sometimes an area
or edge of the screen is distorted slightly (sometimes even the colour)
where it has taken a magnetic hit and the power-on induction coil is
powerless to fix it.

Some of these things can be adjusted in the monitor but usually when
such things happen it is time for a new monitor.



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