CD Player for X

CD Player for X

Post by Jim Ell » Sat, 08 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Is there an X Windows Music CD Player???

CD Player for X

Post by Aaron Sn » Tue, 11 Jul 1995 04:00:00

> Is there an X Windows Music CD Player???

Yep ... I know of at least two: workman and xcd.  Workman came with my
Caldera distribution (so I imagine it must be on Caldera's ftp site),
and I downloaded xcd from that same site.  It's  I
haven't tried workman, but xcd is *very* nice.  All sorts of neat-o
features which you can use, but don't have to deal with if you don't
want to.  And it's very pretty, too. :-)


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I use RH 7.3 with 128MB RAM. I wanted to copy a Video CD given to me by a
friend. I copied the contents to Harddisk and copied it onto CD. This did
not play in the hardware player.

Then I tried making an image and copying it by
dd if=/dev/scd1 of=vid1.iso

and then writing it using cdrecord to another CD. This also did not play in
the hardware player.
I have made copies of bootable linux distro CD's this way and there was
absolutely no problem. Why video CD alone is creating problem? What else is
to be done?

PS: I made a copy of video CD using cd copy using Nero in  Windows and that
played in h/w player. What is to be done in Linux?

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