XF2.1.1 shell window freezes

XF2.1.1 shell window freezes

Post by Ken Ry » Tue, 17 Jan 1995 14:02:52


        I'm running XFree 2.1 (.1, I think) under kernel 1.1.63.  When
I'm working in a cmdtool or shelltool window I can type a few commands
(between 2 and maybe 20) then it freezes.  The shell accepts the "enter"
after the command and moves the cursor, then it's stuck.  I can always
close the window from the pop-up, open a new window, and continue.  Any
programs spawned from the old window still run fine.

        Here is other information on my system, and combinations I've tried:

        486ISA, ET4000 graphics
        800x600 and 640x480 modes
        Kernel 1.1.63 and 1.1.51
        Logitech C-7 mouse
        16M memory, 16M swap
        Always using OpenLook window manager
        Tried cmdtool, shelltool
        Tried bash and tcsh

        It only happens when logged in on a nonpriveledged account.  The
root account works at least as long as I've needed it (I won't commit to
"all day" :) ).  It never happens on the plain console.  Doesn't matter
if ppp is up or down (I have no other network).  Doesn't matter what the
commands are.

        After exiting I see console messages of the form:

        "tty_sigwinch: cannot get tty process group: not a typewriter."

Sometimes it mentions the name of a program, usually not.  I have not
noticed a correlation between the number of messages like above and the
number of window freezes or number of times I've retried a command while
the window is frozen.

        I've R'ed all TFM's I can find, and have no further clues.  Could
some kind guru reccommend where I might look for problems?

        Thanks in advance.  An e-mail response is preferred, but I will
periodically recheck this newsgroup.

                Ken Ryan


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