xdm display problem

xdm display problem

Post by HeyZues » Sat, 31 Jan 1998 04:00:00


i started running xdm and noticed that i can't run wine now (before xdm
no problem)

i get the following error in xterm:

XIO:  fatal IO error 0 (Success) on X server ":0.0"
      after 34 requests (32 known processed) with 0 events remaining.

how can i get xdm to allow wine to run?

thanks in advance,


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Where should the xdm started from? In other words, should the xdm
be put in a inittab or rc.local? Pros&Cons? What would the syntax
be in either case?

Finally, when I start xdm from command line, I get the xdm screen, but
the screen "pans"...I have the same problem in window-managers when I
log-in. Several people recommended that I comment out all the instances
of "Virtual" under Screen stanza from XF86Config file....That has not
seem to make any difference...The screen still pans..Any suggestions??

Finally, how can I specify a background image for xdm and what image
formats does it support?

I know they are lot of questions...any help would be appreciated....
Seems like the more I learn linux, the more I realize how little I know :)

Regards, shawn

Sushant Garyga

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