XFree86 2.1.1 and Cirrus Logic GD543X card

XFree86 2.1.1 and Cirrus Logic GD543X card

Post by Griswold Richard » Tue, 19 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I'm having trouble installing XWindows 2.1.1.  My kernal is version
1.1.58.  I trying to install it on a Pentium 60 with a Cirrus Logic GD543X
(2mb) PCI card and a Teko 1280X1024 SVGA monitor.  Does anyone have a
working configuration file for this setup?

Richard Griswold


1. XFree86 support for Cirrus CL-GD543x on IBM PC 330?

I've been struggling to set up XFree86 on a new IBM PC 330, with a 486DX2
processor, 541MB IDE disk, 20MB RAM, and a Cirrus CL-GD543x VGA chip-set.
This is using the XF86_SVGA server that came as part of Slackware 2.0 - I
believe this is XFree86 2.1 or 2.1.1.  In any case, I also tried the SVGA
server from XFree86 3.1, and had the same problems.

When I run the server, via startx, with a minimal Xconfig file, the server
complains that the chipset type is unknown.  Since "clgd543x" is one of the
chipset codes that the server prints out as it's starting up, I assumed the
support for it was there, but perhaps the version of the chipset I've got
throws off the server?

I then tried specifying Chipset "clgd543x" in Xconfig, and got a little
further.  The server then complained about not having enough VRAM to run,
regardless of which video mode I specified first in the mode list.  It
seemed to think that I only had 256K, which is not the case.  (I couldn't
figure out how to find out how much VRAM I really do have on this thing, but
I had no problems configuring DOS/Windows to run in 1024x768x256 color mode,
and even in 1280x1024x16 color mode, so I must have enough VRAM.)

I finally tried specifying Videoram 1024 explicitly in Xconfig, and got the
x server to start up - sort of.  It got as far as initializing itself, and
displaying the X cursor icon, and fvwm started up and painted the background
blue.  But then, everything would freeze, and the display would slowly break
up as stuff was being drawn at random locations.

I tried switching to a different virtual console, but the Ctrl-Alt-Fn
sequences were often ignored.  When it did finally switch, I saw several
error messaged from the X server, indicating something about a BitBLT
timeout error.

Is there something that I've misconfigured?  Is this chipset just too new
for the current versions of XFree86?  Is there a newer version of the server
that I don't know about?  Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

Incidentally, the MSD program under DOS reports the following as the VGA
        Cirrus CL-GD543x VGA BIOS Version 1.10 E
        VESA 1.02

Apart from that, I don't really know anything about it - there was no
documentation on this VGA hardware shipped with the system.  I assume it's
the standard VGA hardware that IBM is using in the PC 300 series, but I
could be wrong.


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