Gdm never returns after logging out of Gnome/Enlightenment session

Gdm never returns after logging out of Gnome/Enlightenment session

Post by michael s. jesso » Thu, 26 Oct 2000 11:30:19

When I switch to a different virtual terminal device, I see the error
(or a paraphrase of it):
"process gdm has been mysteriously *ed" or something to that

Any ideas??

Mike J.


1. GDM returns to LOGIN, doesnt start Gnome ...

Hi there,

I'm using Suse 6.4 together with Helix Gnome. When I start Gnome using
startx, everything is fine. Now I tried to configure GDM to have a
graphical login. I see the login window, but when I try to login the
screen briefly flashes and then I am back in the login window. This
happens for root and other users. If I am using KDM or XDM everything

Any suggestions ?



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