16 color X-server is slow

16 color X-server is slow

Post by Joost Demmi » Sat, 01 Jul 1995 04:00:00


I have a cheap SVGA video-card (TVGA9000,512K) and a cheap monitor (SV28/3,
interlaced) (Yes I know, I should bye something different). My problem,
is as followes. I have een SVGA XServer installed and I am happy with it.
I use een 800x600x256 resolution, and the Server performes acceptable for
me. But under some circumstances I would like to have a larger virtual
screen (1024x1024, using the whole 512K when having 16 colors). So I build
an 16 color XServer. But this 16 color XServer is very very slow compared
to the SVGA server. I can use a virtual screen size of 1024x1024, but it
bothers me, that the server is so slow. So I was wondering may be I am
forgetting something or is the slow performance inherent to the 16 color
Server. In that case I don't have to go trough the trouble of trying to
build better 16 color Servers.

Any help or tips would be appreciated,



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Does anyone know if there is a way to get my 16 color VGA
X-Server to do 256 "pseudo-colors"?  My Linux box is on
a network and I'm trying to use an application that is not
very nice with respect to color:( It tries to alloc
unavailable colors and results in the dreaded "technicolor
effect")... (aside from getting better video hardware)

I realize that dithering doesn't look as nice as having
the available colors, but in this case it would be better
than the alternative.

 : - )  +<//////>    ...about as close as I get to
                       being dressed that way...

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