ViewSonic 17GS Monitor

ViewSonic 17GS Monitor

Post by Vijay Baj » Wed, 14 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Has anyone tried to run the ViewSonic 17GS monitor in 1152 x 864
mode, either in MS-Windows or X-Windows? What is the max refresh
rate at which it will run? I got no answer for this resolution from
ViewSonic. I am considering buying either the Idek 17" or the
ViewSonic 17GS. Even though the Idek provides higher resolution,
I'm content with 1152 x 864 if I can run it at a decent refresh



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Hello Linux Folks:

I need to set up my Diamond Stealth 24 ISA Video card (1MB RAM) with my
17GS Viewsonic Monitor.  I need 1024x768 resolution to work on this setup.

I could get 640x400 to work on this combination, but any higher resolution
seems to be irresoluble (pardon this word).  I am using the XF86_S3 server
for this.

Anybody out there with this combination with 1024x768 resolution, please
email me your XF86Config file, please ..........

Appreciate your attention.

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