x window renderer for pfb fonts under linux

x window renderer for pfb fonts under linux

Post by Itamar Fo » Mon, 16 Jun 1997 04:00:00


Hi everybody!

I am looking for some sort of guidelines of how to install "pfb" fonts
to my linux box, in terms of :

a. the stages and
b. the utilities that are needed

I would really appreciate your help




1. pfb or pfa fonts from tfm or pk fonts


Is there a utility for converting font files used by TeX (.tfm and .pk)
into something displayable by X-windows?

Specifically I want to convert the pzd font, Zapf Dingbats, for display.
These are (I think) one of the standard postscript fonts.  I've checked a
few font distributions (like freefont-10) but they don't contain a version
of this.

I've checked the various tfmtoXX and pktoXX and such but can't find
any way to get a pfa/pfb etc. font as the output (even by going through a
few utilities).


P.S. Please respond direct as I usually don't watch this newsgroup.

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