problems with imake/xmkmf

1. Configuration problems with imake/xmkmf, XFree-3.1

I had some trouble with xmkmf when I upgraded to XFree-3.1 (slackware-2.1.0).
When I first tried it, the Makefile had a lot of lines with


on which make choked.  It also didn't seem to think it was a linux system.  I
added the OSDefines lines from on my old system, and then the Makefile
was full of lines beginning with


instead.  I manually removed those lines from Project.tmpl, and got a Makefile
that at least would run, though the libraries weren't loaded correctly until I
manually inserted them in the Makefile.

Is this a known problem?  The problem was ostensibly about a missing separator,
but I've never seen lines like that in a Makefile generated by imake before.

The program I compiled was just xpat2-1.0, but I don't think it was the culprit.
Any ideas?


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