No modes for S3 in X3.3?

No modes for S3 in X3.3?

Post by David Daw » Mon, 09 Jun 1997 04:00:00


>I downloaded the just released binary 3.3 release of XFree86 and
>installed it according to the RELNOTES. I have been running 3.1.2
>for the last two years at least with no problems. I have an S3 Trio 64
>video card and a Digital SVGA monitor and manuals for both. I am not
>an expert in X servers and I guess I was mostly lucky when I set up
>my first X server a few years ago! Anyway I've been using the XF86_S3
>server with no problems. The problem I'm having now with 3.3 is that
>on startup, it doesn't start X, but exits telling me that there are
>"No valid modes found". I have the link set up to use the XF86_S3
>server and at first used the same /etc/XF86Config as from 3.1.2. When
>that failed, I ran through the xf86config utility, but that generated
>an XF86Config file essentially the same as the one I've been using.

>Is the XF86_S3 server from 3.3 not backwards compatible with 3.1.2?
>What could be my problem? Any help would be appreciated....

Lose the 'Ramdac' line in your XF86Config.  The 3.3 server isn't
setting everything up correctly when you bypass its ramdac probing.


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