Getting XLock 'swirl' mode working:

Getting XLock 'swirl' mode working:

Post by Preston Bro » Thu, 30 Mar 1995 04:00:00

Using OLVWM/OLWM, the 'swirl' mode of xlock-more works fine (i.e. the
color palette cycles wonderfully, and it looks really trippy).  This is
with 8-bit color.  However, with TWM/FVWM, the color palette won't cycle,
so it looks really crappy.  I *believe* this is because the XLock event
is not receiving window focus (even though there isn't really a window,
is there?)  Is there a way that I can fix this, either through command
line options or FVWM configuration thingies?  X-program to give focus to
XLock?  Any information will be greatly appreciated.  "Use a
hi-color/true-color display" isn't the kind of response I am really
looking for... :)


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1. xlock -mode swirl not swirling with fvwm

Here is the big big trouble I have:
If I use fvwm2-95, there's no problem, my favorite xlock mode
runs perfectly; but I prefer to use fvwm, and the xlock -mode swirl
command does not run properly, there's no color-cycling, the only
way I can get it working is to launch it in a window and put the
mouse cursor on this windows. So it seems that the programm can't
change the colors on the root window with fvwm.

Does anyone have a solution ?
(Do I have to put something special in my .fvwmrc ?)
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