inverted console screen color after xdm session

inverted console screen color after xdm session

Post by Thomas Bah » Wed, 03 May 1995 04:00:00

Hi you gurus out there :-).

Perhaps somebody can help me with a strange problem ?  I  used to have
runlevel 6 as my default in /etc/inittab together with the six console
agetty's enabled. With X11R5 it worked fine by now.  And my new X11R6 is
working as well.
But after a user logs out from his X session and gets back to the xlogin
prompt, all console screens become inverted, i.e. black on white instead the
other way around.
This is very annoying to me. Unfortunately typing reset doesn't help too.

Could somebody give me a hint ?
If so, please mail it directly to me because I am currently absent from my
University, hence reading my mail is much easier for me at the moment.

Thanks a lot !


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any hints ???
  andre schroeter

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