Can't start X on new video card

1. New video card, now linux won't start

A few weeks ago I upgraded my video card to a Creative Labs Blaster
Riva TNT (I think that's what it is called).  I have a dual boot system
and haven't started linux since that time.  Today when I tried to boot
into Linux (RH 6.0 with KDE 1.1) I never got to the graphical login
screen.  The system continually flashed some errors over and over and
over... about X failing to start.  I realized that I should have
changed my runlevel before trading in my video card, but i forgot.

So how can I force Linux to start in text mode so that I can
reconfigure X?  I can boot from my RH CD-ROM, but I'm not sure how to
mount the partition that contains my /etc folder.  Please help!!!


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