XFree86 3.2 questions

XFree86 3.2 questions

Post by E. Druo » Wed, 13 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hi there,
Some odd things happened while I was upgrading my system to the new
version of xfree86. I have an old 486dx2/50 with an Trident 8900D card
and a 15" monitor (DX1595). I had a working configuration of this system
with the Xfree86 version from slackware 3.0. Everything was working

Last week end, I tried to install the new xfree86 version. And I
encountered two odd problems which might e* your de*'s brain:

problem with clocks :
if I don't add a "clocks" line in my XF86Config file, everything works
fine, I finish up (after some initialization time) with a clock of 75.97
which enables my 1024x768 modeline which starts with something like:
        75      1024 ..........
However, if I have a "clocks" line, either the one I used previously or
the one with the clock values systematically sent by the X server at
startup, my monitor just goes to sleep (an interesting improvement since
my system is too old to normally enable this) ! In order to get
something, I have to move (with ctrl-alt--) to a definition of 800x600
I've looked at the messages sent by the server when it starts, it seems
to set the clock frequency to 75.97 which once again enables my 1024x768
definition mode. But then good night...
So far, I've found a solution to my problem (it might some of you) which
consists in modifying my 1024x768 modeline to a lower clock value : 72
in my case seems to produce the expected result.
However, I'd like to know the reason why it doesn't work...

problem with Numlock and Capslock :
I'm using fvwm95 with a ClickToFocus option which forces me to click on
a window to get the focus in it. Everything was once again working fine
with the older version. However, now, if I have either Numlock or
Capslock activated, the window manager does not want to give me the
focus when I click on a window. Morever some applications (such as xfm)
do seem to have trouble with mouse buttons if either one of these keys
is active.

Does anybody have any idea of what I can do to solve my two problems ?
I'm running out of constructive ideas.

Thanks for any help you might send.
Emmanuel Druon